So recently after reviewing a few videos of the REDBUBBLE marketplace, I started to add a few designs to a storefront. As I have provided the link above. I have found some advantages to the site because it does provide “Mock ups” automatically which is awesome! I am a creature of habit and I like to keep things simple; I only use storefront at the moment for t-shirt sales. Of course, other market places allow this too, but REDBUBBLE has a great selection that surpasses what I’ve been using by far. Recently I posted to share the Spoonflower market place and of course there are several home décors which also includes bathroom mats and shower curtains, bedroom sheets, pillows, towels, wallpaper, and much more!

Now it is a great idea to include themes if you are planning to do something like “Hello Kitty” and then use your own sever based website, and then get the order so that you can order each item in individual fulfillments and include for yourself a Shipping and handling fee, but for most part you have an idea how to get that fulfilled. It would get overwhelming trust me if you have multiple orders and you would have to fulfill each one etc. If you aim for selling more items to folks who would stop at nothing to have a theme-based bathroom living room etc., and also t shirts, then your profits would increase.

Anyhow take a look at what I have done since yesterday, but also keep in mind that REDBUBBLE is geared towards the more professional designer and I ‘ll tell you why. They do not have the option to select from the better-quality shirts as Bella-Canvas, so the pricing is different even through it looks like the same shirt etc. Also, REDBUBBLE does not allow you choose the colors after putting designs, so if your design blends into the color of the shirt, you have no control to deselect that particular color. After emailing REDBUBBLE they did recognize this and what they have said is that the customer obviously has a way to choose from the colors and what the designs looks well with….go figure. Other than that has me want to start looking into my own marketplace, but then I may need to get more clients under my wing and paying me to maintain the website for them, and in my condition, I simply feel that it could be an option in future along with the App Ive been working on. It be nice if I have had a chance to be a bit more organized, but I am getting there gradually after this move back home. “Rome wasn’t built in one day!”

Please take a look at the REDBUBBLE site and give me feedback using my contact form on menu in blog, or emailing me at with questions.

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